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Middle School & High School


Youth group and Sunday school are starting up again on September 10! All upcoming 6th graders and returning students are invited to join us for a year of faith and fellowship. Sunday school is changing once again to help meet the spiritual needs of our youth. This fall we will be starting "Youth Group Breakfast" where the youth group will eat and fellowship together before church and a message will be shared over a early meal. Breakfast starts at 9am and runs until church and the Youth are free to join for as much time as they are able.  Youth group has taken a break for the summer to spend more time in missions and fellowship on trips outside of the church such as the Youth mission trip to Wheeling, WV and to kingdom bound. Youth group will resume on August 27th and will remain at the same time as always. 6:38... don't be late! 

 Youth Group will continue Sundays at 6:38 p.m. at the church.

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Chidren's Faith Development 


Children's Sunday morning programs kick off on September 10, 2017 in the Youth Fellowship Hall at 9:25 in the Fellowship Hall, with an Orange Family Experience. 

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Christmas First Friday Fun Night


Friday, Dec. 1


6:30 - 8:00pm


“The Candy Maker”


      Let’s learn about candy canes and make some Christmas candy


Mark your calendar now!

Sunday Orange Club


1 -  First Friday Fun Night

       Bible Challenge - Christmas Story

3 - Family Experience

3 - Family Dinner following Worship

            Where  is your mark on the Park Church          timeline?

16 - Community Christmas Boxes               

            How can your family help?

17 - Family Worship

24 - Christmas Eve Worship Service

Bring a pillow for Baby Jesus


Orange Theme - Generosity


Every good and perfect gift comes from God. In fact, generosity is at the very core of God’s character— He even gave us His own son, Jesus! Jesus showed unwavering generosity as He traded His life for ours.

And, because God gave us Jesus and Jesus gave His life, we can be generous towards others. Not only that, but when we are generous towards others, we prove that we love God by loving the people He loves. We pray that this Christmas, as kids celebrate God’s amazing generosity, they’ll see how they can be generous with their family, friends, and neighbors.

Week 1 -  Because God gave, I can give.

Week 2 - Don’t miss your chance to give.

Week 3 - Look for creative ways to give.

Week 4 - God gave us Jesus

Week 5 -  Give like you’re giving to God.

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Preschool Faith Development


Godly Play

Sunday mornings 9:30 - 10:15  for children 2 years to 4 years old.


Preschool Faith Development will begin with the  Orange Family Experience on Sunday, Sept. 10  at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall

In Godly play in October, the children will interact with the stories about Noah and the flood, Abram and Sarai, the Exodus from Egypt and the Ten Best Ways to Live.


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Children's Mission Project

"Dimes For Doctors"

The Children’s Ministry continues to collect dimes for Chosen’s medical missions. Every 2 liter bottle filled with dimes, provides the funds to pay for approximately 2 surgeries. When you get change at the store, set aside the dimes. When cashing a check, ask for the coins in dimes. If you find a dime, save it for doctors. It can be easy to drop in a bill or write a check, however, when we deliberately try to collect and save dimes, we’re reminded with each coin of the lives we can help. Bring those dimes and drop them in one of the bottles at church or give them to one of the children and they’ll drop them in. 

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Family Worship Gathering


Families of any age are welcome to join in the church library for a child friendly worship gathering on the third Sunday each month. This worship is lay, utilizing all ages.   Families have the opportunity to help with scripture readings, offering and serving the Love Feast. Children are encouraged to experience worship at their level and adults still hear a message pertinent to their daily Christian walk.

Sunday September 17, 2017 in the church library at 10:30




 Bible Presentation

          On September 11, 2016 Mrs. Kathy Schultz and Pastor Eric Leonard presented children 2-years old, entering Kindergarten or Third grade the gift of their very own Bible or Bible story book. Through the generous donation from the United Methodist Women, Bibles are purchased and presented to each child in our congregation. Please consider sharing with them your favorite Bible verse or Bible story.









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