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 February Prayer Room


We often think of love at Valentine's Day but this year instead of giving chocolates and flowers, consider PEACE.  God's gift of peace which surpasses all human understanding.


As you seek peace, either for yourself or with someone else, try approaching it this way:


P - Problems must be recognized - John 14:6

E - Eliminate past regrets - Romans 12:18

A - Appreciate what you already have - Philippians 4:12

C - Change the focus of your heart - Philippians 2:4

E - Entrust your future to God – Isaiah 48:17.


Peace in today's world seems fleeting and hard to find. However, as you sit quietly in the prayer room, allow God's peace to envelope your mind and soul with this simple exercise. As you reenter the world, make a commitment to seek peace daily and when able, share it. Remember, "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!"  Happy Valentine's Day!






























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