Weekly Prayer


Prayer for the week December 10, 2017


Prince of Peace, Remind us each day what it means to be a disciple.  Fill our hearts and our minds with thoughts of You helping us to stay strong and fear nothing.  Surround us with Your presence, Lord, we long to hear Your voice.  Amen.



 Prayer Chain

Prayer request names are placed in the Members Only (top heading) under notes to preserve the privacy of those on the list.


 Prayer Request information


                       If you have a prayer request, please call:


  Karen Lillie: Home phone 203-209-1599;  Work phone 716-673-4656 (she can take calls at work)    

                        Email address: Klillie2011@gmail.com        


                       Church Office/Ruth King: 814-725-4105















































































































































































































































































































































































o start each new day with a compassionate heart and a loving spirit. Refresh us and pick us up when we fall. Amen.









 The difference prayers can make!! Thanks to all who continue to be a part of our wonderful prayer chain warriors. There was a kink or two in the beginning but we have worked through them. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET ON EITHER THE PHONE PRAYER CHAIN OR THE EMAIL PRAYER CHAIN, OR BOTH, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am not sure if I missed anyone who really wants to participate, so the following message is for you; Sometimes its mechanical and sometimes its my brain power taking a time out, if I missed you, please accept my apology and know that opportunity is knocking again. Give my shoulder a good shaking and let me know you are interested. Please contact Shelly Manison 814-725-2100 if you would like to be added to the list.            






















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