Covenant Discipleship


Covenant Disciple


“To witness to Jesus Christ in the world and to follow his teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship and devotion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”


This statement is the General Rule of Discipleship. It describes how we all should live as disciples of Jesus Christ and is a guide for Covenant Disciple Groups. Park UMC has committed to growing and strengthening disciples by encouraging Covenant Disciple Groups – groups of 4-8 persons who meet weekly for one hour to hold one another mutually accountable for their discipleship and to offer support and encouragement.

One of the purposes of Covenant Disciple groups is to help disciples learn and practice the basics of Christian faith and life. The weekly sharing that happens in the group helps us to be intentional about doing the things Jesus taught his disciples: prayer, worship, the Lord’s Supper, reading and studying the Bible, doing no harm, and doing good to everyone. Each group establishes its own agenda or covenant to describe how they will practice and grow in these areas of discipleship. As disciples meet together weekly for mutual accountability and support for following Christ in the world they become more and more the persons God created them to be, in Christ. As Christians help one another practice the basics of following Jesus they become more confident and faithful witnesses to and channels of his love for the world.


Interested in strengthening your practices of discipleship?


Intrigued at the thought of accountability in these areas of your life?


If you answered yes to either of these questions, please speak with Ruth King or Cheryl Davis or complete and turn in the form on the back page.


Park UMC provides several opportunities for you to strengthen your commitment to serving Jesus Christ by growing spiritually through the support and encouragement of others. Current Covenant Disciple Groups meet at various times of the day and evening. Consider starting your day by participating in an early morning group before work, or later in the morning or afternoon, or maybe an evening or on the weekend - whenever is best for you. Currently there are five Covenant Disciple Groups meeting at Park Church with requests to add a new time or two to the offerings. If you would like to be a part of a Covenant Disciple Group, please complete this form – put it in the offering plate or leave it in the church office. If you need more information to help you decide, please speak with Ruth King or Cheryl Davis.






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            I want to learn more about Covenant Discipleship


            I want to participate in a Covenant Disciple Group


            The best time of day for me is:


                   Early AM before work             Morning


                   Afternoon                                Evening 


            The best day or days of the week for me are:


                   Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday


                   Thursday             Friday                 Saturday




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