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Park Church currently has an active group of “lay” people that minister to our congregation. The Lay Pastor Ministry was created in the spring of 2012 to help our pastor meet the needs of our congregation. As your Congregational Care Director, I am so happy to have this wonderful group of ladies who are a living witness of Christ’s love and grace to our folks. Currently they are: Sally Barbour, Toni Derks, Mary Lou Hopkins, Cathy Howard, Ruth King, Rita Otto, Betsy Sceiford, Sharon Swift, Sue Travis, Sandi Bannister, Margaret Lorei, Eunice Mann, and Sandie VanVolkenburg. 

A Lay Pastor training will be held soon to help equip individuals to make occasional visits to someone in the nursing home or hospital, pray for and with someone or offer a kind listening ear. The total length of this training is only 5-6 hours and will take place in three different sessions. This ministry is not to be confused with Stephen Ministries which is a one-on-one relationship between a Stephen Minister and a Care Receiver for an extended period of time. Education and training enables us to be better caregivers-it even helps us be better friends and better listeners with our family, friends and coworkers. NOTE: - this ministry is open to both men and women. 

Please prayerfully consider if God may be calling you to use some of your time and energy in this direction.  Please speak to Ruth, 725-4105, if you have questions or need more information before making a decision.



Sunday, March 22, 2015 four new Lay Pastors were commissioned by Pastor Eric Leonard. 

Sandie Van Volkenburg, Eunice Mann (absent in first photo), Sandi Bannister, and Margaret Lorei

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