Urgent need, children die from hunger everyday somewhere in our world. We as a church have been dedicated to meeting the needs of the hungry whether it is providing food for backpacks for local community children, community pancake breakfasts, or volunteering at the food bank. There is an international need that we as a church have committed to provide 40,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger on Saturday, October 14th from 12:00 till 2:00 PM. You are needed to help with your presence, your prayers and your money. We need 10,000 dollars to meet this commitment.Please search your heart how you can help. Contact Vicky Herrmann to share how you will help. THANKS!!


Janeen Aspden - Missionary in Haiti


The last two months have been busy! As part of my orientation and learning about the Haitian culture, I spent an afternoon preparing a Haitian meal in a Haitian home using no modern conveniences. My friend, Leonie, took me to market to shop for produce. She then took me to her mother’s house in Flavil to prepare a dish called legum.  With the help of Leonie and her sisters, we cooked beef, vegetables, and greens with seasonings. Then we smashed the vegetables and greens and served everything over rice. While we were waiting for the beef and vegetables to cook, we made fried plantains. It sounds simple but was actually very time consuming without access to vegetable peelers, minute rice, and running water. I enjoyed working with Leonie and her sisters and the meal was delicious! I hope I can learn to prepare more Haitian dishes while I’m here.


We’ve been making great progress in the Starfish Kids office! Our communication is improving and we are receiving receipts and reports on time from the schools. On October 19 and 20 we had a conference at OMS Haiti with our ministry leaders. We discussed our goals for the next year. Our main goals this year in Starfish Kids are improved communication between sponsors and students, and improved communication between the Starfish Kids office and the schools. One of the ways we plan to do this is through the use of social media. We have created pages on Facebook and Instagram where we plan to post updates on our schools and stories of how God uses the program to impact communities and lives in Haiti. If you’re interested, these pages can be found by searching @StarfishKidsOMS on both sites. We are also starting circle letters between students and sponsors. We are confident God will use these changes to encourage the relationships between students and sponsors and strengthen the whole program.

 The Refuge

            My most recent adventure to The Refuge saw a flurry of activity. I was able to drop off some sheet sets and paper towels. While I was there 2 separate donors dropped off a couple dozen handmade quilts each. Seeing those lovingly made items was a real hug for the heart. It also sparked a conversation about the needs of those who arrive at The Refuge which I thought I would share to put things in perspective.

Each time a new family arrives they are given basic items which they take with them. These "disposable" items include a pillow, set of sheets, blanket, washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel, along with toiletries. A decent supply of these items dwindles significantly as new families arrive. Keep in mind that the Refuge has nine bedrooms, some of which hold a lot of bunk beds!

Another area of needed items are the daily use items. These would include toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent, black garbage bags, cleaning supplies, zip lock bags, diapers, wipes etc. Again, imagine your family's use and multiple it by 9 if you have a bigger than average family. I think the last I heard there were more than 2 dozen kids at the Refuge with many of them in diapers.

There are always other items needed as well, things that are not on the emergency list but items that wear out and need replacing. Things like vacuum cleaners, mops, laundry baskets, curtains, dishes, flatware and household items, are always appreciated. If you have furniture, EUMA has a truck that is now used to pick up these wonderful donations.

So if you see a great sale somewhere, don't worry that it might not be our item of the month. Contributions are always appreciated. I have even bought things online and had them directly shipped to the Refuge. Currently the Refuge has a very great need of baby wipes (good deal at Aldi) and hand towels. They have had to restrict the hand towels to parents only because of their shortage. If you would like to assist in the drop-off  of donations and see what this is about, feel free to join me. Just give me a shout at 347-5292.      Deb Whisler


We are hosting a free community breakfast from 8:00-10:00 a.m. on the second Saturday and last Saturday of each month.

Mission Outreach - Water of Life

Provides safe water for a lifetime! Every day over 4,000 children die from easily preventable water-related diseases like cholera and typhoid (UNICEF).

What can we do about this? Help provide a family a safe clean water system for life. This clean water kit provides a family with a sophisticated filter, a syringe for occasional rinsing and two buckets. Compassion's Water of Life kit lasts a lifetime!

Each unit filters 1 million gallons of water. A child only needs 14,600 gallons of drinking water in a lifetime.

The cost is $79. If you wish to donate, you can give any amout and make your check to Prk Church aand designate it to Water of Life.

Cards are available if you would like to purchase a water kit as a Christmas gift for someone, in honor of someone, or in memory of a loved one. 


            Park Church has made a difference in the lives of many living without clean water by providing  water filter systems consisting of 2 buckets, 1 sophisticated filter and a syringe to clean the filter. Keep in mind that these systems would be shared with neighbors. Many more people are being saved from water born diseases. Scripture tells us to go and spread the gospel. We cannot all go but, these water systems are delivered by a local pastor who will not only teach the families how to use and care for the water filter system but, they go with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many people are being reached. Park UMC continues to send your donations to Water Of Life. Cards will continue to be available for those who wish to give “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone. Again this year you may donate to Water of Life in lieu of Christmas cards. Your name will be added to a list in the bulletin.


Ramps of Hope

Over the past year you have heard about Ramps of Hope - a ministry that is helping people of all ages to be able to get in and out of their homes safely. This is a county wide ministry that Park Church was asked to help with on the east side of the county. We did a few last year and have completed several so far this year. It takes an average of about 8 people to install a ramp. I would love to establish an email list of those persons who would like to help when we are asked to install a ramp. If you would like to be included, please email me at rick@chosenima.org">rick@chosenima.org and I will start building a list of helpers.


ramps Friday had the team from Park UMC in North East and

some folks from Chosen building in North East. I received

this report from Rick King:

"Park Church and Chosen International Medical

Assistance came together Friday morning at 8:30 to

install a much needed ramp in North East. God provided

a beautiful morning for a ramp as the group of 8 went to

work. After just a few hours work and a fantastic lunch the

ramp was installed and the site was cleaned up by noon. Our recipient was amazed at how fast it was

completed. Thank you God for another successful install."




Park Church has a history of sharing devotions with the folks at Parkside on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Pastor Eric, Ruth King and Sharon Shaffer are the “regulars” who participate in this ministry at the moment. Occasionally, we need a “sub” who would be willing to take a turn when there is a conflict for us. Please talk to Ruth if you are interested and she can tell you exactly what happens during this time of fellowship.



"This is Maria. Maria has four children. She lives in a village in Mexico in the state of Yucatán. She doesn’t speak Spanish; She speaks Mayan. She belongs to a different culture than the cities that surround her. Throughout the Yucatán Peninsula there are small villages with women like Maria who have very little means or material and few opportunities for meaningful relationships. In February, I had an opportunity to meet Maria in person. Through a translator (Mayan to Spanish to English), Maria powerfully explained before she heard the name of Jesus she “lived like an animal.” She had no hope. She scraped to provide basic needs for herself and her children. However, one day, a woman by the name of Daisy (the local pastor’s wife) invited Maria to her church in the village. What initially enticed Maria to Daisy’s church was something outside of teaching and scripture. Daisy leads a ministry with a few strings attached. Come to church and you will receive thread to make hammocks. Through Daisy’s efforts, women like Maria receive a new skill and opportunity for some financial provision. Equally, they have the opportunity to fellowship with one another as they are crafting the hammocks; Problems are given to support and relationships develop. Soon, someone who was “living like an animal” knows joy and friendship because they know Jesus. Mayans with language barriers and cultural barriers no longer feel isolated and lonely and are united with neighbors in the name of Jesus. Chosen IMA has a supply of hammocks crafted through this outreach. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality and the hammocks are available for only $50. Your purchase helps the Hammock Ministry and provides a livelihood for the women themselves. If interested, contact us through email: rand@chosenima.org">rand@chosenima.org or telephone: (814)-833-3023

Randal S. King

Mission Outreach Facilitator

Chosen IMA





Compassion Water of Life



Every day over 4,000 children die from easily preventable water-related diseases like cholera and typhoid. (UNICEF)

What can we do about this ?  

Help provide a family a safe clean water system for life. This clean water kit provides a family with a sophisticated filter, a syringe for occasional rinsing and two buckets. Compassion’s Water of Life kit lasts a lifetime.

Each unit filters 1 million gallons of water. A child only needs 14,600 gallons of drinking water in a lifetime.

This cost is $79. If you wish to donate, you can give any amount and make your check to Park church and designate it to WATER OF LIFE.

Cards are available if you would like to purchase a water kit as a Christmas gift for someone, in honor of someone, or in memory of a loved one.




Ministry Of Missions

IMG 2302Seven Methodist men (and one boy) took part in the second annual VIM Blitz Build on June 28. A ramp was built at a house on East 21st Street in Erie that enables a woman in a wheelchair to now come and go with ease and safety . This is all part of a Erie County ministry called Ramps of Hope. Park Church is planning to become the Northeastern extension of this ministry. In the very near future we will be installing a ramp in North East and another one in Harborcreek - both are for children. This is a very exciting new way for us to be a blessing to many in our local communities. Please watch and listen for announcements for the dates of the installs of these ramps.





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