Service is a reflection of the character of God. Jesus demonstrated what serving really means by washing His disciples’ feet and even laying down His life for the sins of the world. We reflect His character to the people around us when we lend a hand and serve.


Bottom Line: Serve others because of what Jesus did for us. We start the month in John 13:1-17 where Jesus offered an incredible example of service. When the disciples show up to the meal with Jesus, their feet would have been dirty from walking the roads of Jerusalem. Their feet would have been disgusting! Instead of allowing a servant to come and wash their feet, Jesus took a basin and a towel and did the work Himself. The disciples were astonished that their Lord would stoop to such a level. When we need that extra measure of strength to do what it takes to help others in need, we can remember all that Jesus did for us.


Bottom Line: Look for ways to serve others. Peter reminded people in the early church how God’s Holy Spirit gave each of them a spiritual gift. These gifts are not for our own benefit. Rather, they should be used to benefit everyone. God gives gifts to everyone who follows Jesus they can use to give back and help others know Jesus. When we use those gifts, we can point others to Jesus.


Bottom Line: Use what you have to serve others. In John 6:1-13, Jesus saw the large crowd that had followed Him and decided to feed them. A boy offers his lunch: five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus took the boy’s gift and used it to feed over 5,000 people. Sometimes kids might look at a situation and wonder if they have anything they can offer to help. We hope they remember that God can use whatever they have to do some amazing things. They just need to be willing to use it to serve others


Bottom Line: Serve others without looking for applause. During part of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus explains that when we serve or give it shouldn’t be in a way that is showy and puts all of the attention on ourselves. Rather than making a big deal about our own acts of service, He says to give to others in secret. Typically, when we do something for someone else, we want everyone to know what we did. After all, having others compliment us feels good. But we hope that kids start to understand that when we decide to give in secret, the act of service becomes totally about the other person and not themselves.     The rethink Group


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