Boy Scout Troop 57




This Scout Sunday Troop 57 begins its 80th consecutive year of scouting in North East. We celebrate with the Park Methodist Church who has served as our sponsoring institution for all of these years. We have been fortunate to have adults from the North East community to support the troop throughout its long history. Men who have served as our Committee chairmen include Tim Krug, Bob McGrath, Fred Ahlgrim, Bill McFetridge, Jim P. Bryan, Al Pero, Harold Buchholz, John Phillips, Don Campbell, Ken Youngs, R.A. Fordyce, Irv Bondurant, Ernest Lake and Clair Hoffman. Currently the troop is led by John Hallenburg, Scoutmaster (38 years) and Alex Aulenbacher, Senior Patrol Leader.





November - Father/Son - Camp MERZ

September - Outdoorman Competition - Bull Dam

August - 20 Mile Gorge Backpack

June - Bike Campout—Oil Creek State Park

July - Long Term Camp BSA Beaumont, Ohio & French River, Canada

May - Allegheny River Canoe Trip

April - Trout Fishing Campout - Allegheny National Forest

March - Hickory Creek Wilderness Backpacking

February - Winter Fun Weekend Camp Merz

January - Tent Camping - Chapman Dam State Park

December - Gym Night






*      North East Boro - Mulching, topsoil, planting garden

*      Baker Creek Annual Clean-up

*      Gravel Pit Park - Clean-up

*      Halli Reid Park - Clean-up and mulching

*      McCord Library benches and landscaping

*      International Coastal Clean-up

*      20 Mile Community Park—cleanup, trail construction, benches

*     American Legion - Clean-up, mulching

*     Cemetery - Placing flags on Veteran graves

*     Erie Conservation District—Nature trail

*     Stop Hunger Now food drive

*     North East Community food drive




Alex Aulenbacher

Brady Bacon

Tyler Bagley

Brendan Bahm

Quinn Barnes

Jacob Baum

David Carr

Caleb Cross

Evan Davis

Luke Ditrick

Tucker Ditrich

Ben Dodds

Mathias Duquette

Micah Foster

Eric Garfield

Tyler Hanson

Hudson Heberlein

Wyatt Heberlein

Kris Humes

Jordan Kendzoir

Oliver Konzel

Chris Luebert

Justin Luebert

Brock Pennington

Hunter Reinken

Alex Ruler

T.J. Sebolt

Caleb Schmidt

Ethan Schmidt

Braden Smith

Lyric Rowin


ADULTS - 2016

John Hallenburg, Scoutmaster

Paul Gleichsner, Comm. Chairman

Bob Reid, Church Rep.

Josh Meyer

Rick Dodds

Brian Sherman

Bill Aulenbacher

Steve Barnes

Corey Hanson

Trevor Heberlein

Paul Reinken

Tim & Cindy Sebolt



Troop 57 Eagle Scouts (1977 - ON)


Josh Britt '15

Aaron Wolf '15

Zach Hyman ‘14

Andrew Sherman ‘14

Ryan Smathers ‘13

Lucas Beardsley ‘12

Adam Gleichsner ‘12

Cody Johnson ‘12

Greg Schuster ‘10

Chris Otto-Smith ‘10

Alex Britt ‘09

Clark Johnson ‘08

Neil McCord ‘08

Cass Weinheimer ‘07

Mike Bauman ‘05

Danny Behrens ‘05

Josh Meyer ‘04

Bill Rouse ‘03

Doug Fynan ‘03

Markus Fish ‘03

Justin Pierson ‘01

Carson Engelskirger ‘01

Jeremy Stempka ‘01

Ethan Kalosky ‘00

Torrie Neil ‘00

Brent Moore ‘99

Matt Skrekla ‘99

A.J. Whitmore ‘98

Mike Curre ‘98

Chris Moore ‘97

Nick Gesue ‘97

Willie Whitmore ‘97

Tim Moore ‘95

Andrew Wojicki ‘94

John Almquist ‘94

Ryan Stetson ‘94

Pat Coyne ‘92

John Wojicki ‘92

Chris Gilbert ‘91

Bob Uglow ‘90

Brian Cox ‘89

Chris McGrath ‘88

Eric Krug ‘87

Jim Holl ‘84

Todd McClimans ‘83

John Kirk ‘83

Nate Riggle ‘82

John Rouse ‘80

Bob Braymen ‘78

Bill Rouse ‘77


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