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Christmas Eve Service

Please join us for our candle light Christmas Eve Service on Sunday, December 24, at 7:30.

North East Community Christmas Boxes


Once again, the North East Clergy Council will sponsor the North East Community Christmas Boxes.  This outreach project provides food boxes to disadvantaged families in North East.

This year is Park United Methodist Church’s turn to be in charge of organizing the event.  First Presbyterian Church, 25 West Main Street, is the helper church.

Our Church is collecting 15-oz cans of Yams: based on last year’s numbers, we need 280 (15-oz) cans.  Please help donate any amount that you are able.  Ruth King will store them in her office.

The schedule is as follows:

Dec. 11 & 12       Daytime                        Picking up donations

Dec. 12 & 13       Daytime                        Calling recipients

Dec. 15                7:00 am – Noon            Packing Boxes w/non-perishables and finishing set-up

Dec. 16                8:00 – 9:00 am              Packing perishables, delivery, and registration table

Dec. 16                9:00 – 11:00 am            Pick-up and delivery of boxes

Dec. 16                11:00 am – Noon          Clean up!

If you want to submit a name to receive a Christmas Box, please get an application from the church office.  When submitting the name of a family to receive a box you must give their name, address and telephone number as well as your information.  All forms must be submitted to our church office by Monday, December 4, 2017. 

As recipients increase each year, the need for donations also increases.  Monetary donations, combined with the generosity of local businesses, provide a nutritious and festive holiday dinner to be prepared at home by those who would otherwise go without.  Monetary donations may be made payable to North East Clergy Council/Christmas Boxes and mailed to Anne Bardol, c/o Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, 51 West Main Street, North East, PA  16428..

Much help will be needed.  More information including sign-up sheets will be available later in the month.  If you have any questions, please call Terri Vale, chairperson at 528-3744, or the church office at 725-4105.


Discovering God's future for Park Church

Discovering God's Future for Park Church During the next few months we will be embarking on a journey to help guide Park Church's next "Faithful Step". To help us discern this we will be using a tool kit from the Lewis Center For Church Leadership. We will be working through a series of listening events and activities to answer questions such as; Who are we ? Where have we been in the past? What do we believe? What do we value? What's going on within our church? What are our needs, strengths, resources and attitudes? What is going on in the community around our church? We need your help to accomplish this process as the tool kit is not lead by our Administrative Council but by you the faithful people of Park Church. Please join us on Wednesday, August 23 at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall for an organizational meeting to explain the tool kit and how the Holy Spirit can move and guide us to walk with Christ in our individual lives, families, church and community. Questions please see or call Roger Schultz, Lay Leader 814-882-1117 or at 


Community Breakfast


All you can eat pancakes and sausages and more importantly an opportunity to fellowship with your church family.  Invite those you know from the community to come and those you want to get to know better.  It is a perfect opportunity to meet with others or hold a class.  We hope to see you there!


We are trying to have two teams for Saturday and two for Sunday so that each team only has to serve every other month.  If this is a mission outreach that interests you, please contact Ron Holl 725-3014 or see him in church and let him know of your interest.


The Refuge


The Collection for The Refuge for the month of December is pillows. Please put in the box in the gathering area. Thank you.

My most recent adventure to The Refuge saw a flurry of activity. I was able to drop off some sheet sets and paper towels. While I was there 2 separate donors dropped off a couple dozen handmade quilts each. Seeing those lovingly made items was a real hug for the heart. It also sparked a conversation about the needs of those who arrive at The Refuge which I thought I would share to put things in perspective.

Each time a new family arrives they are given basic items which they take with them. These "disposable" items include a pillow, set of sheets, blanket, washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel, along with toiletries. A decent supply of these items dwindles significantly as new families arrive. Keep in mind that the Refuge has nine bedrooms, some of which hold a lot of bunk beds!

Another area of needed items are the daily use items. These would include toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent, black garbage bags, cleaning supplies, zip lock bags, diapers, wipes etc. Again, imagine your family's use and multiple it by 9 if you have a bigger than average family. I think the last I heard there were more than 2 dozen kids at the Refuge with many of them in diapers.

There are always other items needed as well, things that are not on the emergency list but items that wear out and need replacing. Things like vacuum cleaners, mops, laundry baskets, curtains, dishes, flatware and household items, are always appreciated. If you have furniture, EUMA has a truck that is now used to pick up these wonderful donations.

So if you see a great sale somewhere, don't worry that it might not be our item of the month. Contributions are always appreciated. I have even bought things online and had them directly shipped to the Refuge. Currently the Refuge has a very great need of baby wipes (good deal at Aldi) and hand towels. They have had to restrict the hand towels to parents only because of their shortage. If you would like to assist in the drop-off  of donations and see what this is about, feel free to join me. Just give me a shout at 347-5292.      Deb Whisler




  On Wednesday, Dec. 6  we will be assembling cleaning buckets at 2 PM at the Mission Barn - 103 Clay St.  All are welcome!

    Ron & Elsie Holl 


Stained Glass Windows


The Stained Glass Window Project has been paid in full!


We are profoundly grateful foe all who contributed to this imortant work that will enable our church to sustain the craftsmnship and beauty of the original stained glass windows and share the treasured gift of their light with future generations.

Glory be to God!


Operation Christmas Child

THANK YOU to Shelley Sherman,  to Brian Sherman her assistant, and to all the volunteers in serving for Operation Christmas Child.  Shelley did a super job of letting us at Park know about the opportunity, as well as publicizing in the community.  She and her elves made it possible for Park to be the east side drop off and for hundreds of children to know that Jesus loves them and other people care for them too.   Thank you to all who packed a box or boxes and brought them.


The Refuge

The Refuge 




 Monthly Collection

The Collection for The Refuge for the month of December is pillows.

With the new rapid housing initiative things are always moving at the Refuge. Residents now stay for only 30 days. As a result, when you visit or drop off donations there are no familiar faces among the residents. When I arrived at the door, the place was filled with school age kids, enjoying each other and offering to help unload my car. Miss Dottie informed me that even though the kids had the day off from school they asked her for math worksheets so they could work on multiplication. They seemed like a really sweet bunch of kids. Dottie also gratefully informed me that as a result of a recent donation of hand towels, she was able to provide a family of six with appropriate bedding and towels. She was excited to put a set of pink towels together for the little girl. The girl was stunned saying," But these are new..." Those were very humbling words. I hope this little girl treasures her new towel set and realizes that she is valued enough by someone to give her something new. I know at her stay at the Refuge she will know that God above all values her. 

     For December as a celebration of the birth of Jesus, who had no pillow, we will collect new bed pillows. Pillows are a disposable item as they go with the residents when they leave. Because of the rapid housing initiative, The Refuge is going through more of these disposable items than ever. The pillow donation will be a part of the Christmas Eve service. If this is not convenient, or you are traveling, or just want to donate a crazy amount of pillows, please feel free to send in pillows just like our other collection items. 


Liberty House

Liberty House


Veterans Home - EUMA’s Liberty House is full.  Ending Veteran homelessness is our goal and we need your help as we help them move to permanent housing.  Gift cards (Tops, Walmart) and/or food including pasta, meat, chicken, frozen vegetables, milk and other staples are needed. Please drop off items directly to EUMA’s Liberty House at 550 W. 7th St., Erie, PA 16502. 


  – Relinquishing a recliner? Surrendering a sofa?  If your unwanted, gently-used pieces of furniture need a new home, consider donating them to EUMA.  We’ll either pass your items to clients as they leave the shelter to establish their permanent homes or sell them at EUMA’s Rainbow Connection Thrift Store.  Contact us at (814) 456-8073 for more information or to schedule a pick-up.


United Methodist Women

UMW Meeting

December Meeting

The United Methodist Women had a wonderful time at their monthly meeting creating a Christmas gift for our

shut-ins.  If you are able to help deliver Christmas cards and a Snowman jar of goodies to one of our loved

ones, please stop at the table outside Ruth’s office following worship this morning.  She will see that you get

connected with one of our Park Church family in need of a visit and some Christmas love.  Thank you. 



UMW Book Club

UMW Book Clubwill meet Monday, November 20th at 1:30 p.m. in the church library. Karen Schuyler will be reviewing the book “Up - A Mother and Daughter’s Peakbagging Adventure” by Patricia Ellis Herr. Please join us for a great time of fellowship and lively discussion! All are welcome!

Soup & Salad Luncheon


soupday 018

Soup & Salad Luncheons will resume in January 2018. Please plan on joining us on Friday, January 26, 2018.








On November 1, 216 Health Kits were assembled and inspect 189 Health Kits from other churches.

Stephen Ministry: Education Opportunity

The Congregation/community  is invited to join our Stephen Ministers for our Continuing Education this month.

Continuing Education is always a part of our Stephen Ministry Supervision Meetings. When we had a speaker from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) several people from the community joined us for a very informative talk.

This month we are attending a panel discussion offered at the North East High School on Tuesday , February 16, from 6-8 pm. The panel discussion is regarding “Grieving with traumatic loss, Suicide, Drug Addiction and more”.  So please join us for “ the Community Nursing Services of North East and other North East stakeholders for their panel discussion.”  We will be meeting in the foyer of the North East High School at 5:50. If you are interested in  joining us, please meet us there and we can sit together.

Coffee Hostess Opportunity 

If you have enjoyed eating the goodies served with coffee every other week or just like to bake please consider contributing to the coffee hostess program this year.  The new schedule will be made in March so now is the time for you to take advantage of this opportunity to serve. You would be responsible for the goodies once every 3 months.  Please see Sue Hughes if you are interested.  We would all enjoy your baking talents!  



Blood Pressure Screenings

While it is not always important to keep track of some numbers, others are critical to know and to record.  Blood pressure numbers are important.  Recognizing their importance, we will be offering blood pressure screenings the second Sunday of each month.  The date for January is the 10th----and that is another important number to remember.  Several individuals will be available before and after our worship service to take your blood pressure and to record it for you. Nine folks took advantage of this ministry in December and it isn’t too late to start!

If you are interested in knowing your numbers, keeping track of your blood pressure while taking medication, or just want to be informed, we invite you to stop in the church library.   Blood pressure readings will be taken from 10:00 – 10:30 AM and from 11:30 – Noon.

If you would like to help, please contact Ruth King, 725-4105 or Sue Travis, 725-4012.



 Stained Glass Light Catchers


The Stained Glass workgroup is postponed until the new year (2017).


The stained glass window committee is planning ways to raise funds for the restoration of our windows. One way under consideration is to make and “sell” stained glass light catchers. If you would like to be part of the group that will make these light catchers, please contact Cindi Reid at 814-392-6330. Previous stained glass craft experience is NOT required! Cindi will teach the group the easy skills needed and you just might end up with a new hobby as you help raise funds for the windows.


The Stained Glass Panel working group will start up again on Saturday, September 3, 2016.  We will work 9-11:30 in the room next to the kitchen.  The plan is to work every Saturday.  The only exceptions, as of now, are 9/24 and 10/29, when we will not meet.  


 We have almost all of the 50 panels cut out, about 20 completed, about 20 waiting to be fit to size and the rest waiting to be cleaned and foiled.  Then soldering and patina will finish them all off! Each of the four major steps of the process takes from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to complete per panel, so we can still use help getting these done.  Just show up if you’d like to help! 




Freezer Meals

God has blessed our church with many willing hearts and hands to serve Him. I wish to thank all the women who participated in our new ministry of preparing meals for future needs. We have 9 chicken pot pies and 6 turkey black bean chili in the freezer ready for use as needed. If anyone knows of a need for a meal for someone please see Ruth, Pastor Eric, Emily, or Shari Cooney.



The Refuge is in need of new or gentle used car seats, some to be used by the shelter and some to go to clients with children.  If you can help, please drop off donations to the shelter located at 1027 E. 26th St., Erie.  Thank you.

EUMA shelter staff report a need for twin sheet sets (urgent), paper towels and large black garbage bags.  If you can help with these items, donations can be dropped off directly to The Refuge at 1026 E. 26th St.  





I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every participant in this ministry. We have thus far delivered many, many meals to those in need of a little cooking assistance. Our new site, www.takethemamealcom has proven to be exceptionally easy to use and very handy in setting up the logistics of helping others. It has come to my attention that several people are interested in joining our little ministry. If you didn’t get in on the ground floor of setting this ministry up and would like to be a part of it, please please let me know and I will get you signed up. It is very simple, I just need an email address and you will be added to the list of available chefs (love that word).   IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN EMAIL THAT IS QUITE FINE, WE WILL USE YOUR PHONE TO GET YOU INVOLVED. For more info, please contact Shelly Manison at"> or 814-725-2100. Thanks again to all of you who are really making a difference by being a part of this ministry.





Aaaahhhhh the difference prayers can make!! Thanks to all who continue to be a part of our wonderful prayer chain warriors. There was a kink or two in the beginning but we have worked through them. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET ON EITHER THE PHONE PRAYER CHAIN OR THE EMAIL PRAYER CHAIN, OR BOTH, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am not sure if I missed anyone who really wants to participate, so the following message is for you; Sometimes its mechanical and sometimes its my brain power taking a time out, if I missed you, please accept my apology and know that opportunity is knocking again. Give my shoulder a good shaking and let me know you are interested. Please contact Shelly Manison 814-725-2100 if you would like to be added to the list.






Park Church currently has an active group of “lay” people that minister to our congregation. The Lay Pastor Ministry was created in the spring of 2012 to help our pastor meet the needs of our congregation. As your Congregational Care Director, I am so happy to have this wonderful group of ladies who are a living witness of Christ’s love and grace to our folks. Four new Lay Pastors, Sandi Bannister, Margaret Lorei, Eunice Mann, and Sandie VanVolkenburg were recently commissioned and will join Sally Barbour, Toni Derks, Mary Lou Hopkins, Cathy Howard, Ruth King, Rita Otto, Betsy Sceiford, Sharon Swift, and Sue Travis.




Do you like to read? Do you enjoy fellowship and dessert? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, please consider joining our United Methodist Women Book Club! We meet five times a year on the 3rd Monday of the month at 1:30 p.m. We take turns facilitating or hosting and always enjoy a lively discussion with one of the books from the United Methodist Reading Program List. Our group has won the honor the last few years of having the most women reading in their local unit in our Erie-Meadville District! This is a tremendous accomplishment and shows how serious we are about continuing to focus our attention on current events thereby making us “doers” of the Word and not just “listeners.” This year’s readers were: Sally Barbour, Mary Bielak, Vicky Herrmann, Cathy Howard, Ruth King, Doris Savidge, Linda Schroder, Karen Schuyler and Sharon Shaffer. Speak to any one of us if you have questions or are interested in joining us in 2015. Our first meeting will be February 16th. The book will be “Not Just a One Night Stand; Ministry with the Homeless” by John Flowers and Karen Vannoy.



 Mandatory Reporter Training


In the last year, there has been a flurry of new laws in PA that expand the protections afforded to young people.  As a result, we need to update the clearances and training required by law for all staff and volunteers age 14 and over who selflessly work with children, youth and vulnerable adults.  We want Park Church to be a safe place where our children experience a safe and loving environment. Park Church has had a Safe Sanctuary policy for some time. We were already busy updating our Pa clearances at the end of 2014. Many updates were made to the Prevent Child Abuse Law and went into effect in January 2015. It expanded those required to have background checks completed and persons considered to be mandated reporters. All volunteers age 14 and over who are with children, youth, and vulnerable adults must have clearances completed and are considered mandated reporters.

On Saturday, March 21, we are offering the Mandatory Reporter Training the state of Pennsylvania is now requiring all persons over 14 years working with children and youth in the church, including all church employees, to complete. All these persons are now considered to be mandated reporters, like teachers, doctors, therapists, and others.

It will be held in the fellowship hall and start at 9:00am and end by 12:00. Coffee, juice, and a light breakfast will be available. Vicky Herrmann will be leading the training. She is a certified trainer and persons completing this training will receive a certificate indicating that they have completed the course. (This would fulfill for other opportunities for which the training is required). It is important that those serving know how to help children and families by knowing what to report and what to do when persons come to them looking for help or have concerns. The fee for this training is being covered by the church.

Also, we have been getting forms to persons who need to update theirs and then have them returned for filing. If you have not received a form or gone online, please see Ann Neckers. If you have a form still to complete, please get it back to her.

If you have questions, please contact the church office or email Ann Neckers at">



Clearance Application Forms


Those persons who have given Ann Neckers their clearance app forms prior to mid-February, should be receiving them in the mail.  PLEASE bring in copies to the church office to be kept on file here.  Keep the originals in a safe place.  They are currently "good" for 3 years.  If you are serving with children and youth and are 18 or older, please turn your forms for applying for your clearances into the church office or Ann Neckers.  If you need blank forms, they are in the Discipleship mailbox.  If you have questions, please see Ann Neckers.  Thank you!




Batteries Needed


The holidays are fast approaching and among the many the traditions at Park Church is the need for batteries for the sound system .As we upgrade the system in January, the need for batteries will changed. AA alkaline batterieswill be used on the new microphones. We will still need and use the 9 volt size alkaline on the older mics as well. So while you are out shopping for the kids, grandkids, spouses and all the other important people on your Christmas list, please include a special package for Eric, Ed, Bill and Cory. They would greatly appreciate single, double or multi packs (brand does not matter) of those much used AA and 9 volt alkaline batteries


They can be given to the “sound guys” or dropped off at the office, gift wrapping is optional!





 From the District Office




EUMA---Helping those who are homeless - one heart at a time


DID YOU KNOW – The Rainbow Connection Thrift Store gratefully accepts gently used furniture, household goods, clothing and shoes. Some donations are sold to support the work of EUMA, but many items are given away free to those in need.  Donations can be dropped off directly to The Rainbow Connection at 1516 Buffalo Road, Erie, during business hours. 




ONGOING MINISTRY NEEDS:  EUMA provides safe shelter and care for 50 people every day on average through our three shelter programs.  Donations of supplies are always needed and appreciated.  Among the items most needed on an ongoing basis include: 
** paper products - bath paper and paper towels
** dishes, pots, pans and silverware
** twin sheet sets, crib sheets, pillows, bath towels and blankets
** new socks and undergarments for men, women and children
** large black garbage bags
And, as cold weather and flu season returns, we are also in need of cleaning supplies (dish soap, disinfectant wipes, etc.) and winter coats/accessories for adults and children.  Donations can be dropped off directly to The Refuge (1027 E. 26th St., Erie) and Liberty House (550 W. 7th St., Erie). Questions can be directed to"> or (814) 456-8073.




Current ministry needs at EUMA include socks for the Healthcare for the Homeless program (white crew for men and white ankle socks for women). Donations can be dropped off at our administrative office at 1033 E. 26th St., Erie.  Thank you!








































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